Fluke of a marine boat anchor with an attached chain and hawser sticking up out of the mud, with copyspace Round hay bales for winter livestock feed stacked in an agricultural field in the sunshine Wooden beach huts with border and doors painted in various colors, aligned along the seashore Tangled mass of prickly thrones or briars with their thorny spines, close up background view Bubbling water in a fast flowing stream in a full frame background texture Tranquil pool surrounded by wildflowers reflecting the overhanging trees in lush green countryside in a scenic landscape Row of colorful beach huts or cabins for vacations and getaways lining the Dorset seashore, high angle landscape view Backlit clouds in a blue sky with the suns rays just gilding the top of the formation in a nature and environmental background Bank of white clouds catching the rays of sunshine in a blue sky with copyspace for your text Oblique low angle view of a brass marine compass and compass points for navigation overlooking a beach with boats in the far distance Background of a field of golden wheat growing in an agricultural field for harvest as a foodstuff, biofuel or winter feed for livestock Brown Lowlands Cattle and Calf at the Pasture with Green Grasses in Scotland Low angle view looking up at a stone Celtic cross with sun flare silhouetted against a cloudy blue sky Close up beautiful and fresh yellow daffodil flower plant at the garden on light blue sky background. Close up Textured Beach Sand with Abstract Design for Wallpaper Backgrounds. Coastal grasses growing on sand dunes helping to anchor them against the erosion of the wind and forming a unique habitat Close up shot of conceptual single human footprint on the gray sand at the beach. Coastal grass growing on a sand dune in the golden sand in a unique fragile natural habitat Raindrops beading on a glass window on a dark stormy day in a background concept for the weather or climate Close up Shot of Conceptual Rain Drops on Glass Window. Can be Used for Wallpaper Backgrounds. stormy sky over a navigation channel Atmospheric background view of an estuary beach with the old remnants of wooden posts sticking up out of the sand at the waters edge Dark atmospheric landscape of a marine estuary on an overcast stormy day with a silhouette of a small jetty and warning signs on the beach in the foreground Wide Field with Fresh Green Grasses on One Foggy Day. Captured with Leafless Dead Tree. Misty landscape view of lush green English countryside with farmland and pasture and distant trees Fir tree background texture of the foliage and needles of a young fir in a forestry plantation being cultivated for Christmas trees Macro Shot of Plenty Fresh Green Fir Tree Leaves at the Forest Rustic wooden footpath sign with a silhouette of a walking man and left pointing yellow arrow showing the direction of the trail, outdoors in woodland Forestry aftermath showing a green field filled with the remnants of cleared and felled tree stumps in an old pine plantation Close up Shot of Plenty Green Grasses at the River Side For Wallpaper Backgrounds. Background texture and natural pattern of lush green bracken leaves or fronds , full frame Background of lush green tropical forest ferns with focus to a single unfurling fern frond Single Butterfly Insect Resting on Pretty Small Purple Flowers Growing on the Grassy Ground. Flowering bush of magenta or purple heather or heath with its delicate bell-shaped flowers growing outdoors in the Scottish countryside Colorful purple summer heather blooming in a crevasse in lichen covered rocks, close up view Close up of a hedgerow in farmland with ferns and blackberry canes covered in ripe blackberries and ripening red berries, close up detail of the fruit Jet ski at sunset throwing up a wake and spray of turbulent water as it speeds through the ocean silhouetted against a colorful cloudy sky Botanical nature background of a colorful yellow laburnum tree in flower covered in hanging inflorescences Laburnum tree in flower with a spectacular display of hanging bright yellow inflorescences densely covering the branches, full frame botanical background Signpost at Lands End, the most westerly point on mainland UK and a popular tourist attraction Scenic view of a loch in Scotland with inlets, bays and a golden beach backed by rugged mountains on a misty day ripples on a calm ocean with distant colouds on the horizon

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