Notre Dame Cathedral architectural detail showing the flying buttress, gargoyles and stone spires, Paris Notre Dame Cathedral flying buttress detail showing the arched masonry support directing the thrust from the roof away from a main structure to an outer buttress Exterior of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France with Blue Sky Notre Dame Cathedral viewed from the side from the bank of the Seine River showing the flying buttress design Close up Modern Architectural High Rise Buildings in Paris. Isolated on Light Blue Sky Background. Tomb of Oscar Wilde Grave at Pere-Lachaise Cemetery. Isolated on Green Leafy Trees Background. Close up Oscar Wilde Grave Filled with Various Kiss Marks Paris, France, street view looking up at the historic facades of the buildings lining the road against a blue sky Paris rainbow in a rainy stormy grey sky behind an imposing historical urban stone building Close Up of Facade of Paris Apartments, France View of Paris Cityscape Lights and Palais Chailot at Night from Eiffel Tower Beautiful City Lights at Paris at Night Time in Aerial View. Captured in Extensive View. Receding rows of leafy green trees in a Paris park with wooden benches on a gravel walkway to relax and enjoy the sunshine Avenue of neatly manicured and pruned green trees in Paris lining a walkway in park, receding perspective Spring blossom in a Paris park with groups of chairs under shady trees for people to sit and relax Rainbow over Louvre Museum Rooftop in Paris,France Paris Building Rooftops in Warm Sunlight in Late Afternoon or Early Morning Panoramic view over the rooftops of Paris viewed from butee Montemarte, the highest point in the city Old Vintage Architecture - Buildings Along Narrow Paris Street. with a Light Blue Sky Background. old stone crypts at pere-lechaise cemetery Bust of Joseph Fourier at Grave in Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, France Overview of Tombs and Graves in Pere Lachaise Cemetery, the Largest Cemetery in Paris, France Green Landscape with Trees and Water Fountain Fronting Famous Vintage Place de Vosges Buildings. Isolated on Lighter Blue Gray Sky Background. Old Vintage Pathway at Famous Architectural Place de Vosges Building Garden at Vinatge Architectural Hotel de Sully Near the Place des Vosges Secret Garden Near Oldest Planned Square in Paris Place Des Vosges Sundial on Building at Place des Vosges, Paris, France Courtyard Building in Place des Vosges City Square in Paris, France Exterior of the Centre Georges Pompidou showing the famous exo-skeleton of glassed footways scaling the building Close up Famous Architectural Complex Centre Georges Pompidou Building at Paris France. Exterior of the Georges Pompidou building showing a series of metal staircases or fire escapes on the modern glass facade modern exterior of the pompidou centre, paris Exterior of Centre Georges Pompidou Complex in Paris, France Close Up of Pompidou Centre Exterior Architecture in Paris, France Detail of the Centre Georges Pompidou showing the air intake of the ducting on the exterior of the building, Paris France Close up Tall Colored Bars and Pipes at Centre Georges Pompidou Complex Building Close up of French Roof Details aginst Light Blue and White Sky Background View from Roof of Musee de Orsay in Paris, France Paris roof details on a townhouse showing round attic windows and hooks for roofing work in the exterior of the tiles Overview of Basilique du Sacre Coeur and Paris Cityscape with Large Cloudy Sky Silhouette of Person Admiring the View of Basilique du Sacre Coeur from Inside Musee d Orsay Clock Tower View of the Basilica du Sacre-Couer, or Sacred Heart, an iconic landmark in Paris on the Montmarte dedicated to the heart of Jesus

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