Barbican apartment block at dusk with the lights reflected in a pool below, London, England Brutalist Architecture at the Barbican Arts Centre in London, England. Captured at Night Time. Big Ben - low angle view of the famous Clock Tower in City of Westminster, England. Captured with Very Light Blue Sky Background. The Elizabeth Tower, or clocktower of the old Westminster Palace, London with its ornate Gothic facade and four clock faces or dials , also known as Big Ben and a popular tourist attraction View of Big Ben or the Westminster Tower, the original clock tower of the old Palace of Westminster and now an iconic tourist attraction Tilted angle view of ornate wrought iron work and the clock face of Big Ben, the clock tower for the old palace of Westminster, now an iconic landmark and tourist attraction Low angle view looking up the classical Gothic style exterior of the Big Ben clock tower, Westminster, an iconic landmark for London and popular tourist attraction detail of the dial of one of the clocks and the ornate Gothic stone facade of the Clock tower on the Palace of Westminter, London Exterior of Purcell Room at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, England. Covent Gardens display of Christmas decorations with a woman walking past a stack of large silver baubles near on open-air restaurant , London, England Covent Garden Market Building, a Huge Piazza or Open Area in London, between the West End and the City of London. Covent Garden street sign, central London mounted on a stone pillar on a building exterior Streetside placards in a demonstration in central London on a wet rainy day Streetside demonstartion in London with a pedestrian walking past a display of placards and slogans on a wet rainy day Big Ben or Elizabeth and London Eye on Very Light Blue Sky Background. Georgian terraced houses with their tall elegant sash windows and arched entrances in London, UK Exterior View of Portcullis House in Westminster, England on Very Light Blue Sky Background. Red London Buses in Tour with Architectural Big European Building on the Street Side. View of the rim of the The London Eye ferris wheel on the bank of the Thames River, London with its ovoid viewing capsules popular with tourists silhouetted against an evening sky Detail of the London Eye ferris wheel, London showing the boarding platform and ovoid passenger capsule for viewing the topography of the city Detail of the ovoid passenger capsules on the rim of the London Eye used as observation posts for viewing central London and the River Thames and a popular tourist attraction London Eye Millennium Wheel with a close up view of the rim showing the ovoid capsules used as observation posts for passengers and tourists giving a panoramic view of central London and the Thames Millennium Dome O2 Building at Night Time. Located on the Greenwich Peninsula in South East London, England The Millennium Dome or The O2 on the Greenwich peninsula, London is a modern arena and the largest dome originally built to house exhibitions to commemorate the Millennium seen illuminated at night Entrance to londons natural history museum (NHM) on the Cromwell road, london, designed by architect Alfred Waterhouse grand entrance to londons natural history museum on the Cromwell road Romanesque style grand entrance to londons natural history museum by architect Alfred Waterhouse Train at the platform in Paddington Station London with commuters standing chatting and waiting for their transport, interior view under the arched roof a view of the palace of westminster and big ben clock tower from across the river and westminster bridge View down the length of the Gothic revival stone carved facade of the historical Palace of Westminster, London Bright neon advertising signs illuminated at night in Piccadilly Circus, London on the exterior of a curved building Colorful neon lights and advertising signs at Piccadilly Circus, London illuminated at night Red Buses on the Street in Front of Famous Portcullis House in Westminster, England. Security barricades and gate outside the Houses of Parliament in London Royal National Theatre Building in London. It is also known as the National Theatre of Great Britain. BT Tower, London, the 189 metre high post office telecommunications tower and a well known landmark in the city viewed from below looking up against a blue sky Famous Architecture: BT Tower in Fitzrovia, London. It has been previously known as the Post Office Tower, the London Telecom Tower and the British Telecom Tower. Tallest Building in Fitzrovia, London - BT Tower or London Telecom Tower. Captured with Light Blue Gray Background. Bruralist Architecture, the Towers of Barbican Estate, a Residential Estate in the City of London. Captured from Lower Angle Point with Light Blue Sky Background. Modern City Towers at London, England. Captured at Night. Tower Bridge in London Passing River Thames. Captured at Night Time Tower Bridge, London, on the River Thames illuminated at night with the drawbridge down and reflections on the calm water

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