Bunch of ripening bananas growing on a tree hanging down in a cluster amongst the fronds Banana palm plantation in Fiji cultivating fresh fruit on a farm for the global market View across ocean of a line of jet skis moored in front of Beachcomber Island, Fiji with its small resort Footprints on a tropical beach leading away along the line of surf with nobody in sight Man snorkeling in the clear water off a tropical bay with golden sand and palm trees View over a calm sea to a sunset on a tropical beach with the golden glow lighting the sand and lush green vegetation Man wearing a backpack walking away along a sandy beach leaving a trail of footprints Beautiful tropical beach background with waving palm trees against a clear blue ocean Blacktip reef shark swimming in shallow crystal clear water in Fiji with copyspace Idyllic travel and vacation background of a sparkling clear blue ocean lapping on a sandy beach and palm trees Blazing camp fire with fiery orange flames shooting into the night sky with copyspace Thatched traditional beach umbrellas on Bounty island, Fiji, on a sunny sandy tropical beach with palm trees Bounty Island resort, Fiji, on an idyllic tropical island with tourist visible on the sandy beach in front of the buildings Surf breaking on a deserted tropical sandy beach fringed with palm trees and hills Broken coral damaged in storms and washed up onto the seashore by the tides and wind Blazing camp fire with flames leaping into the night sky and copyspace for your text Underwater image of a scuba diver descending into a cave looking for fan corals Looking down into a sandy coastal bay with lush vegetation and clear sparkling blue tropical water High angle view of a secluded peaceful sandy beach and bay with a beautiful clear sparkling tropical sea Beautiful clear water in a tropical bay and coastline with sandy beach and backdrop of palm trees Tropical cocktails for two served in tall glasses with straws alongside the seashore, shallow dof and copyspace Low angle view looking straight up the trunk at ripening coconuts in a palm tree, symbolic of tropical travel and vacations Long aluminium ladder leaning up against a cocnut palm to facilitate the picking of fresh coconuts Underwater branching coral formed by polyps depositing their calcareous skeletons on an offshore reef in Fiji View through crystal clear tropical water of a variety of beautiful underwater corals growing on an offshore reef in Fiji View of a coral reef in shallow water off Fiji with sponges, coral and other marine life Blue ocean and crystal clear shallows off Yasawas Island, Fiji with a yacht passing close to shore and copyspace Skindiver swimming in a tropical sea using a snorkel and goggles to view the underwater marine life with plenty of copyspace Abstract background of shallow crystal clear blue water with coral just offshore on a Fijian island Small marine crabs on a rock at the edge of the surf with copyspace Small marine crabs on a rock alongside the surf where they live in the intertidal zone Beautiful delicate pink sunset over Denarau Marina, Fiji, with pleasure boats and yachts moored in the sheltered water Empty hammock strung from palm trees overlooking a blue ocean on an idyllic tropical island Gentle surf on a Fijian beach with golden sand and fringed with tropical palm trees Environmental background of an idyllic sandy beach and clear blue tropical ocean suitable for travel and vacation Pretty coral formations growing underwater on a shallow offshore reef in the Fijian islands Three Fijian men performing a fire dance on the beach twirling flaming branches in the night sky Shoal of pretty tropical fish swimming underwater over a shallow reef in crystal clear water off a Fijian island Beautiful scenic background of an empty hammock at a tropical beach overlooking the blue ocean Palm tree overhanging an idyllic tropical beach with golden sand and an azure blue ocean under clear blue summer skies Luxury catamaran moored offshore in mid ocean with copyspace, high angle view Man snorkeling off a tropical island floating over a shallow reef in crystal clear water

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