the battery hotel markes the west end of morecambes main promenade landmark clock tower on morecambe seafront a giant compass set into the pavement breaks up what would otherwise be a quite drab walk along the stone pier a metal sculpture on morecambe seafront mirrors the mountains and fells of the lake district that can be seen across the bay on a clear day danger sign warning people not to walk on the moraine of boulders scattered along morecambe promenade to defend against the sea the derelict reamins of frontierland theme park make an attractive backdrop to anyone visiting this houses on the front of morecambes eastern promenade a statue of eric morecambe on morecambe promenade fishing boats on morecambe sands at low tide a block of flats of morcambe seafront another overflowing litter bin on morecambe seafront, if the town is uncharacteristically clean for some reason these have been provided to tempt visitors to simply not bother keeping it that way thus restoring equilibrium fishing boats at low tide, when the tide goes out in morecambe it goes out a long way, infact the tide has been out since the resorts heyday over 60 years ago the midland hotel on morecambe sea front following its 2008 renovation the front of the grade II listed morecambe winter gardens theatre, the bulding has so far escaped demolition to make space for another retail park morecambe beach with the tide out fishing from a small boat on morecambe bay promenade and beach front at morecambe people enjoying (sic) a day on the beach at morecambe another view of the (no longer super) dome across some of morecambes once beautiful flower beds old lighthouse on morecambes stone pier in order to thwart the few remaining tourists who persited in visiting morecambe the promenade railway station was closed in 1994, ironically the tourist information centre is still housed in the old station building. a large wooden picture frame at the west end gardens in morecambe, when viewed from the opposite side allows visitors to frame a bleak vista of morecambe sands one of the last remaining attractions from fronterland theme park after it closed close up on one of the last remaining eye-sores from fronterland theme park after it closed a metal and stone statue on morecambes stone jetty small boats on morecambe stone jetty a metal cormorant sculpture sits on top of the railings on morecambes stone pier after opening in the early 80's the superdome soon dropped super from its title (presumably like super noodles it was not really all that super) the dome is now sealed up ready for demolition the midland hotel on morecambe sea front following its 2008 renovation a view of the houses of morecambes west end across the lackluster planting in west-end gardens rows of houses on the seafront on morecambes west end a view of morecambes west end from the stone pier the front of the grade II listed morecambe winter gardens theatre

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