Low angle view over the rocks and flowing water of an arched stone bridge over a river in a leafy green woodland setting Scenic landscape of blue bells flowering in an open glade amongst the leafy green trees in woodland Carpet of pretty bluebells growing in a meadow or on a woodland floor, close up of the dainty blue bell shaped flowers Close up of a glade of colorful blue bells with their dainty bell-shaped blue flowers symbolic of spring Background texture of fresh green bracken fronds growing in welsh countryside, close up detail of the new growth castle ruin at llangollen Welsh landscape with an old stone castle nestling amongst lush green trees at the foot of a mountain on a cold cloudy wet day Fresh Yellow Daffodil Flowers with Green Leaves in the Garden. Captured on a Sunny Weather. Close on Attractive Fresh Looking Yellow Daffodils with Dark Green Leaves at the Garden. Captured on a Sunny Day. Colorful bright yellow daffodils symbolic of spring viewed low angle against a clear sunny blue sky Yellow daffodil or narcissus flowers, spring-flowering bulbous perennial plants, under a clear blue sky Solo Leafless tall dead tree on grassy landscape with sheep animals. Captured with mountains afar on light blue gray sky background. Branches and trunk of a dead tree on a stormy misty day in Wales Panorama Aerial View of Farm House on Grassland with Various Animals and Green Trees. Lush valley with a farmhouse leading to a tranquil lake between steep mountains in Wales Cottages nestling in a valley on the shores of a stormy lake surrounded by high mountain peaks in Wales on a cloudy day View of Lake Llyn Padam, a glacial lake at the foot of Snowdon on whose banks lies the busy village of Llanberis, Wales River with melt water flowing through a steep mountain valley forested with green leafy deciduous trees in Wales River flowing with melt water in a leafy green woodland landscape with overhanging trees in Wales View from Snowdon of a beautiful blue mountain lake in the Welsh wilderness, Gwynedd, Wales, UK Tracery of leafy green tree branches on a misty day with close up detail of the canopy Various brown dead leafless trees at the forest. Can be used for backgrounds. Tall Green Trees in the Forest with Green Grasses. Captured on a Sunny Day. Nature background showing the canopy and branches of a group of leafy green tall trees in a woodland Looking up into the foliage of a stand of tall leafy green trees in woodland against a blue sky Tall Fir Trees on a Sloping hillside in the Forest. Captured on One Sunny Day. Walking sign for a woodland trail with the silhouette of a man walking and a left pointing arrow indicating the direction against a background of leafy green trees Small stone arch bridge spanning a fast flowing stream with white water in lush green woodland Gushing waterfall cascading over rocks into a pond or lake below with lush green vegetation growing on the rock wall Rhaeadr Ddu falls, or the Black Falls, take their name from the black rock over which the water cascades and are found in the Coed Ganllwyd National Nature Reserve, Wales

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