Hebrides landscape vista with purple colored mountains towering above a low lying coastal bog on a cloudy day, Scotland , UK Coastal Rock Formation on Overcast Beach in Lewis, Hebrides, Scotland Seal entering the ocean from a sandy beach with the water swirling around its body, side view Sandy tranquil beach on the Isle of Lewis in the Hebrides with a curving shoreline and calm blue sea against a mountain backdrop Landscape view of a quiet tranquil Hebridies beach with golden sand on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland Man holding a compass in his hand when out walking in the mountains of Scotland to navigate using magnetic north Climber silhouetted on a mountain peak overlooking a scenic landscape with lakes at dusk against a cloudy sky Sunny golden beach on the Isle of Harris, Hebrides with rolling breakers coming ashore on golden sand and rocks in the foreground Typical historic blackhouse on the Hebrides with its thatched roof and double drystone walls inside which an open fire was built, but as it had no chimney the smoke had to escape through the thatched roof Interior of Traditional Scottish Stone Blackhouse with Historic Artifacts interior of a historic highland blackhouse smoky dark interior of a blackhouse, a historic traditional scotts highland dwelling without glass windows Traditional blackhouse on the Hebrides with its thatched roof and double drystone walls inside which an open fire was built with no chimney so the smoke had to seep through the thatch Traditional Historic Scottish Stone Blackhouse in Hebrides Stone cairn on a coastal headland lookout overlooking the coastline of the Hebrides, Scotland on a stormy day Suns rays shining through a gap in the clouds in a background cloudscape image of nature and the environment Background of old cylindrical wire mesh crab or lobster pots piled ashore waiting to be lowered into the sea for fishing Wire mesh crab pots stacked on the seashore of a loch in Scotland Rural scenic landscape with flax wild flowers on a green grassy meadow, with remote mountain range at the horizon, under a serene blue sky Large black and white ferry Resting at the Sea Port, with clear sea water, in Scotland Bridge and navigation equipment of a ferry in the Hebrides, Scotland providing inter island transport for island hopping Looking Up at Detail of Ferry Boat Radar and Horn Against Overcast Sky Loud-hailer and radar equipment detail for communication and navigation on a ferry Red Scottish ensign flag flying off the stern of a ferry against the turbulence of the wake mid-ocean during a voyage Ferry - the Caledonian MacBrayne, a Scottish ferry providing transport to the islands of the Hebrides Commercial Fishing Sea Trawler on Scottish Loch with Hills in Background Detail of nautical radar and navigation equipment for communication on a ferry against a clear blue sky Extensive Natural View in Scotland with Lighthouse at the rocky seaside, captured with huge mountain afar. Small fishing boat moored in a sheltered inlet surrounded by seaweed on the Hebrides, Scotland flax seeds waiting to be carried by the wind wild flax seed heads flax seed heads in early summer waiting for a strong breeze to distribute the seeds Landscape view of the historic Scolpaig Tower, a Georgian folly near the village of Scolpaig, Isle of North Uist, Outer Hebrides built around 1830 to provide employment during a time of famine View of Scolpaig Tower on Loch Shoreline on Overcast Day, Outer Hebrides, Scotland Historical Scolpaig Tower on Isle of North Uist, Outer Hebrides, Scotland Famous Old Folly Tower Structure, Scolpaig Tower, in the western isles of scotlands Scolpaig Tower, a Georgian folly located near the village of Scolpaig on the Isle of North Uist in the Outer Hebrides built around 1830 to provide employment during a time of famine Looking Up at Moss Covered Rock Walls Inside Scolpaig Tower, Outer Hebrides, Scotland View of Loch with Grey Clouds from Window of Scolpaig Tower, Isle of North Uist, Outer Hebrides, Scotland Life boats mounted on a Scottish ferry, view looking back along the hull at the wake behind during a trip Picturesque whitewashed youth hostel in the Hebridies bathed in sunshine on a stormy day with grey clouds and a colorful rainbow View of Ullapool on Shores of Loch Broom Overcast Day, Scottish Highlands, Scotland

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