people crossing the road in tokyos electric town district, akihabara bright lights of akihabara at night, tokyos 'electric town' busy urban streets in shibuya, Tokyo, Japan - not model released brightly lit stores at night in akihabara - electric town, tokyo, japan Quirky architecture of the fuji tv building, tokyo, japan pedestrians crossing the street in the ginza district of tokyo - not model released a bullet train crossing a bridge in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan Built to look like a boat, the museum of maritime science, tokyo, japan modern office buildings in shinjuku, tokyo, japan aerial view of tokyo at night featuring the rainbow bridge hustle and bustle of urban tokyo in shibuya, tokyo, japan - not model released flashy advertisings and crowded streets are a feature of the shopping district in shibuya, tokyo, japan colorful crowded streets of shibuya, tokyo, japan one of the famous japanese shinkansen bullet train, seen passing a station in tokyo big city buildings at night, tokyo, japan urban sprawl - an elevated view of buildings of metropolitan tokyo, japan looking down on the streets of urban tokyo, Japan a spectacular panoramic view of tokyo at night Modern office buildings of Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan landmark red and white tokyo tv tower floodlit at night visitors enjoying the view from the top of the tokyo tv tower at night  - not model released People enjoying the cherry blossom in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, Japan Colorful characters in Yoyogi Park on a sunday afternoon, Tokyo, Japan Enjoying the cherry blossom in Yoyogi Park, (Yoyogi koen) tokyo, japan A rocker in Tokyos Yoyogi Park tends his hair - not model released retro dancers in Yoyogi Park, (Yoyogi koen) tokyo, Japan - not model released Sunday afternoon in Early spring in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, japan

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