a view of the berlin fernsehturm from alexanderplatz landmarks in alexanderplatz, berlin, the fernsehturm and the  Weltzeituhr world clock The world clock in Alexanderplatz, berlin, germany A green ampelmann crossing light in former east germany the rear of the berlin Kunsthaus Tacheles art squat art space in the former Kunsthaus Tacheles art squat contemporary art in a derelict building, the Kunsthaus Tacheles art squat a floodlit view of the brandenburg gate at night View along a remaining section of the historical Berlin Wall erected by the German Democratic Republic to separate East and West Berlin Barbed Wire and Pathway Along Berlin Wall, Germany Section of the Berlin Wall in East Germany erected during the Cold War to separate the city covered in colorful urban art or graffiti ther berlin fernsehturm tv tower and a neon sign at alexanderplatz outside of the Kunsthaus Tacheles, a former art squat, in berlin, germany the reichstag parliament building in berlin with a german flag in the distance the hauptbahnhof, berlin's new main railway station outside view of the berlin planetarium The reichstag in berlin, home of the german parliament The New Synagogue in berlin, Germany, built from 1859 the berlin tv tower, low angle view at twilight pink water pipes pump water from construction sites around berlin Tourists visiting the Brandenburg gate or Brandenburger Tor a nighttime view of berlin's famous brandenburg gate, Brandenburger Tor Sign at the front of the brandenburg gate, a square name to commemorate free electrions in reunified germany and the 1848 revolution View of high-rise architecture in Berlin with the Fernsehturm TV tower and antenna towering above them Berlin Cathedral Dome with Construction Cranes, Berlin, Germany Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe, berlin, germany Rooftop view over East Berlin showing the old communist block with its ordered rows of concrete structures looking up at the berlin tv tower or fernsehturm chariot drawn by four horses driven by Victoria, the Roman goddess of victory on top of the Brandenburg gate. Berlin Germany graffitied staircase in the berlin art squat, Kunsthaus Tacheles The new railway station, or Hauptbahnhof, in Berlin with its modern architecture and domed roof, exterior view Memorial in Berlin for those who died during the holocaust Looking into the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, Berlin, Germany Hotel Esplanade Ballroom preserved interior plasterwork at potsdamer platz, berlin, Germany Blocks or Stelae in the berlin Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, germany one of the staircases in the former berlin art squat, Kunsthaus Tacheles graffiti stairs at Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin, Germany Exterior of berlins Kunsthaus Tacheles art squat Ruin of Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church with New Belfry in Berlin, Germany Blocks or Stelae in the memorial to the murdered jews, berlin germany heliostat mirrors at the german technology museum, berlin Ornate Moorish Style Entrance Door to the historic berlin new synagogue

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