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Blackpool is a major seaside holiday centre born in the 19th century, it continues to be a popular working class holiday destination to this day. The town is home to a nauseating mix of uncared for Victorian attractions like the piers and tower combined with some wonderfully tacky shops and depressing side street guesthouses. Blackpool reputedly has more hotel and B&B beds than the whole of Portugal.

art deco pleasurebeach entrance
2200x1464 (547kB)
big dipper
2200x1473 (575kB)
blackpool amusements
2200x1464 (718kB)
blackpool donkey
1473x2200 (468kB)
blackpool donkeys
2200x1473 (723kB)
blackpool donkey rides
1473x2200 (448kB)
blackpool front
2200x1464 (725kB)
blackpool north peir
2200x1464 (378kB)
blackpool pier
2200x1464 (528kB)
blackpool prom
2200x1473 (589kB)
blackpool promenade
2200x1473 (689kB)
blackpool sands
2200x1464 (558kB)
blackpool seafront
2200x1464 (600kB)
blackpool tower
2200x1464 (434kB)
blackpool trams
1464x2200 (633kB)
central blackpool
2200x1464 (497kB)
central pier
2200x1473 (541kB)
central pier end
2200x1464 (561kB)
metropole hotel
2200x1464 (555kB)
north peir
2200x1464 (363kB)
2200x1464 (594kB)
pier supports
2200x1464 (893kB)
promenade railings
1473x2200 (376kB)
sand castle
2200x1473 (523kB)
tower close up
1473x2200 (477kB)
tower top
2200x1473 (308kB)
2200x1464 (649kB)

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