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Fijian Islands - Tropical Paradise

Fiji is an island nation in the South Pacific, The country is an archipelago or more than 300 islands located around the two main islands Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. The beautiful Yasawa Islands located in the north west were closed to tourism until 1987

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2200x1473 (715kB)
banana plantation
2200x1473 (1354kB)
beachcomber island
2200x1456 (734kB)
beach footprints
1473x2200 (1219kB)
beach snorkel
2200x1473 (1033kB)
beach sunset
2200x1473 (634kB)
beach walk
1473x2200 (527kB)
beautiful beach
2200x1473 (1068kB)
blacktip reef shark
2200x1473 (999kB)
blue water
2200x1473 (1225kB)
2200x1473 (515kB)
bounty island beach
2200x1473 (619kB)
bounty island resort
2200x1473 (890kB)
breaking surf
2200x1473 (544kB)
broken corals
2200x1473 (913kB)
camp fire
1473x2200 (686kB)
cave dive
1650x2200 (609kB)
clean blue water
2200x1473 (1111kB)
clean water
2200x1473 (1020kB)
coast beach
2200x1473 (739kB)
2200x1473 (409kB)
coconut palm
1473x2200 (825kB)
coconut tree
1473x2200 (1577kB)
2200x1473 (1318kB)
corals underwater
2200x1650 (1449kB)
coral reef
2200x1473 (1570kB)
coral sailing
2200x1473 (1171kB)
coral snorkel
2200x1473 (1112kB)
coral water
2200x1473 (1735kB)
2200x1473 (787kB)
crabs on rock
2200x1473 (565kB)
denarau marina
2200x1473 (878kB)
empty hammock
2200x1473 (874kB)
fijian beach
1473x2200 (577kB)
fiji beach
2200x1473 (898kB)
fiji coral reef
1949x2200 (1796kB)
fiji fire dance
2200x1473 (862kB)
fiji fish
2200x1654 (1536kB)
fiji hammock
2200x1473 (802kB)
fiji paradise
1473x2200 (736kB)

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