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Help / FAQ

> What motivates you to give the images away for free?
It’s for the reason you are here reading this!

> Where do the images come from?
Many were taken specifically for download on this site, images that begin with numbers were shot on 35mm film and images which end with numbers were shot digitally. e.g. digital1234.jpg and 012-velviafilmstock.jpg

> Are they available in a higher resolution?
If the were originally shot on film then yes (see above), please contact us for further details quoting the image file name and size/resolution required (images available up to approx 5500x4000 pixels, 35mm source scanned at 5400dpi)

> Do you accept photos from other photographers?
At the present time, unfortunately not, but we do plan to start accepting travel photos from other photographers in the future.

> How do I download?
Simple, but it depends on your browser; drag the full size image to the desktop (mac) or right click on the full sized image and save images as (save target as). To access the full size image just click on the preview image or select the download icon to the lower right.

> Image details
High quality jpeg (low compression)
Size approx (landscape) 2100x1700, suitable for print at 300dpi 7 x 5.5 inches (depending on the photo and medium print up to full bleed A5 size should be easily useable)

> I'm unable to link back to the site in my design!
Most of our users don't mind linking back to the site or printing a caption along with the image in return for free use, but we understand sometimes it just not possible or practical. In this case you can buy a low cost photo license to use the images from our partner site (they also have a much larger travel stock photo collection than we offer here)

> More Questions?
Contact Us



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Are they Really Free?
Yes, read all about how to use the images in our terms

What is Photoeverywhere?
We are a free stock photo site specializing in travel related stock images, for download and use with no fees.

Web Links

Some other useful travel photo resources on the internet.

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