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Whitby is a former fishing town turned holiday and day trip destination, incongruously combined with being the centre of UK goth culture. The old town of fisherman’s cottages is attractively nestled between two headlands on the river esk. The ruins of a 12th centaury Benedictine abbey stand overlooking the town from the east
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199 steps
2200x1464 (604kB)
199 steps and harbour
2200x1464 (585kB)
abbey ruins
2200x1464 (490kB)
arguments yard
1464x2200 (436kB)
beach huts
2200x1464 (538kB)
beach huts whitby
2200x1464 (453kB)
2200x1464 (394kB)
caedmons cross
1464x2200 (448kB)
caedmon cottages
1464x2200 (503kB)
captain cook seagull
1464x2200 (276kB)
captain cook statue
1464x2200 (314kB)
church stairs
2200x1464 (393kB)
church stairs bottom
1464x2200 (494kB)
church steps
1464x2200 (570kB)
church street
1464x2200 (521kB)
church street shops
1464x2200 (450kB)
church street whitby
1464x2200 (665kB)
fishing boats
1464x2200 (652kB)
fish markets
2200x1464 (492kB)
grape lane
2200x1464 (537kB)
harbour piers
2200x1464 (571kB)
harbour piers breakwaters
2200x1464 (452kB)
henrietta street
2200x1464 (572kB)
henrietta street whitby
2200x1464 (602kB)
2200x1464 (528kB)
light house
2200x1464 (330kB)
lobster pots
2200x1464 (615kB)
lower harbour
2200x1464 (641kB)
open swing bridge
2200x1464 (591kB)
river esk
2200x1464 (765kB)
river esk marina
1464x2200 (914kB)
river esk whitby
2200x1464 (702kB)
1464x2200 (714kB)
sands end
2200x1464 (327kB)
stone passage
1464x2200 (399kB)
stone pier
2200x1464 (337kB)
st annes staith
2200x1464 (528kB)
st marys church
2200x1464 (661kB)
tate hill
2200x1464 (610kB)
tate hill and church
2200x1464 (560kB)

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