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Rolling upland English landscape of the Yorkshire Dales national park. Dale is derived from the Norman or Germanic name for a valley, the local landscape is typically dry stone walls and limestone hills primarily used for sheep farming and cheese production.

country roads
2200x1464 (565kB)
crocketts hotel
1464x2200 (777kB)
dales farming
2200x1464 (729kB)
dales stonewalls
2200x1464 (587kB)
hawes church
1464x2200 (433kB)
hawes falls
2200x1464 (1051kB)
hawes lanes
1464x2200 (880kB)
hawes main street
2200x1607 (784kB)
hawes shops
2200x1464 (699kB)
hawes village
2200x1464 (626kB)
ribblehead arches
2200x1464 (567kB)
ribblehead details
2200x1464 (604kB)
ribblehead railway viaduct
2200x1464 (616kB)
ribblehead viaduct
2200x1464 (724kB)
ribble valley crossing
2200x1464 (628kB)
rural landscane
2200x1464 (1022kB)
sheep farming
2200x1464 (391kB)
spring lambs
2200x1464 (636kB)
2200x1464 (645kB)
wensleydale landscape
2200x1464 (658kB)
wensleydale view
1464x2200 (1091kB)
yorkshire dales
2200x1464 (752kB)
yorkshire dales national park
2200x1464 (601kB)

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