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California - The Golden State -

Most commonly believed to be named after Queen Califa, California is America’s third largest state. Bordered down the west coast with spectacular rugged coastline, ocean views and surf beaches. The state is centred with and array of different scenery including vast desserts and mountainous national parks. It’s metropolitan areas are as diverse and can be as spectacular as it’s varied landscapes.

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balboa park sandiego4143
2100x1406 (673kB)
balboa park sandiego4147
1406x2100 (738kB)
balboa park sandiego4149
2100x1406 (798kB)
balboa park sandiego4151
2100x1406 (764kB)
balboa park sandiego4156
2100x1381 (409kB)
balboa park sandiego4164
2100x1406 (575kB)
balboa park sandiego4173
2100x1406 (569kB)
balboa park sandiego4186
1406x2100 (460kB)
balboa park sandiego4189
1393x2100 (571kB)
balboa park sandiego4199
1406x2100 (639kB)
balboa park sandiego4205
1406x2100 (702kB)
big sur bridges4137
2100x1406 (486kB)
big sur bridges5174
1406x2100 (562kB)
big sur bridges5345
2100x1406 (669kB)
big sur coastal drive4111
1406x2100 (429kB)
big sur coastal drive4130
2100x1406 (348kB)
big sur coastal drive4139
1406x2100 (563kB)
big sur coastal drive5127
2100x1406 (333kB)
big sur coastal drive5148
2100x1406 (629kB)
big sur coastal drive5182
2100x1406 (729kB)
big sur coastal drive5199
2100x1406 (390kB)
big sur coastal drive5302
2100x1406 (473kB)
big sur coastal drive5314
2100x1406 (415kB)
big sur coastal drive5335
2100x1406 (395kB)
big sur lighthouseDSC 5282
2100x1406 (300kB)
bixby bridge highway 1 DSC 4105
2100x1406 (447kB)
cabrillo cliffsDSC 4256
1406x2100 (710kB)
cabrillo lighthouseDSC 4271
2100x1401 (403kB)
cactus garden4297
2100x1406 (707kB)
cactus garden4304
1406x2100 (681kB)
cactus garden4387
1406x2100 (672kB)
cactus garden4396
2100x1406 (628kB)
cactus garden4401
2100x1406 (560kB)
cactus garden4410
2100x1406 (536kB)
california coastDSC 5353
2100x1406 (350kB)
california coast 4824
2100x1406 (525kB)
california coast 4985
2100x1406 (664kB)
california coast seals5004
2100x1406 (628kB)
california coast seals5024
2100x1406 (560kB)
california coast seals5090
2100x1406 (502kB)

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