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San Francisco - City by the bay -

Named after a Spanish fort at the golden gate, which was named for st. Francis of Assisi, the city and San Francisco bay area is home to 7 million people. Downtown is a popular tourist destination with visitors from all over the globe, attractions including the well known cable cars, fisherman’s wharf, the Coit tower and Alcatraz island. The city contains main diverse neighbourhoods and an eclectic mix of cultures and is connected to northern California via the famous Golden Gate Bridge.

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alamo square san francisco6123
2100x1406 (629kB)
alamo square san francisco6131
2100x1406 (687kB)
alamo square san francisco6146
1406x2100 (579kB)
alcatraz island prison5534
2100x1406 (421kB)
alcatraz island prison5869
2100x1406 (663kB)
alcatraz island prison6196
2100x1406 (572kB)
alcatraz island prison6495
2100x1406 (499kB)
bay bridge5570
2100x1406 (348kB)
bay bridge5607
1406x2100 (349kB)
bay bridgeDSC 5585
2100x1406 (471kB)
bay bridge flightDSC 5712bl
2100x1406 (463kB)
china town 5781
2100x1406 (575kB)
china town 5788
2100x1406 (582kB)
china town 5795
2100x1406 (695kB)
china town 5797
1406x2100 (367kB)
china town 5799
2100x1406 (567kB)
chinese laundry on balcony 5818
1406x2100 (725kB)
city bay embacardo5568
2100x1406 (631kB)
city bay embacardo5577
2100x1406 (506kB)
city bay embacardo5579
2100x1406 (767kB)
city bay embacardo5587
2100x1406 (624kB)
city bay embacardo5611
1406x2100 (286kB)
city bay embacardo5621
2100x1406 (354kB)
city of san francisco5400
2100x1406 (378kB)
city of san francisco5411
2100x1406 (479kB)
city of san francisco5416
1406x2100 (406kB)
city skyline skyscrapers5725
2100x1406 (488kB)
city skyline skyscrapers5861
1406x2100 (506kB)
city skyline skyscrapers5912
2100x1406 (726kB)
coit tower5936
2100x1406 (330kB)
coit tower5939
2100x1406 (447kB)
coit tower5954
2100x1406 (643kB)
coit tower wishing5877
2100x1406 (559kB)
coit tower wishing5883
1406x2100 (279kB)
coit tower wishing5917
2100x1380 (450kB)
columbus avenue streetscene5821
1406x2100 (642kB)
columbus avenue streetscene5966
1406x2100 (486kB)
columbus avenue streetscene5979
2100x1406 (540kB)
container ship6362
1406x2100 (492kB)
container ship6372
2100x1406 (404kB)

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